Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Week Long Trip

I did not have a favorite part of our week long trip, instead, I liked all of it. We started out in Sulzberg where we checked out the slat mines and we under took the Sound of Music tour. the mines were awesome, I realized that the first time I had ever been to Germany was 300 meters below the earth in a mine shaft. It was a pretty cool feeling. The Sound of Music tour was sick because it gave us a chance to get out of the city and see the surrounding country side. The country was absolutely beautiful. After two nights in Salzberg, we took a train to Innsbrok. There, we met up with the spring break FPU group, we had a good night. The next day I left early to see Munich. There, Ryan John and I walked the streets and viewed some of the monuments around town. we also hit up the old town center. When the rest of the group arrived, we took a train to see the castles in the country side. I forgot the names of the castles, but they were high up in the mountains of Germany and they were breath-taking. That night we went to the haufberg house. On the last day we toured a Germany film studio and we visited Dachau concentration camp. The studio was fun and interesting, they filmed The Never Ending Story there. The concentration camp was moving. To actually see the crematorium and the barracks, is an extremely touching thing for anyone to witness. After the trip, we all returned to Vienna, happy to be home from an exciting week of travel.

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