Monday, April 6, 2009

Von Steves Perspektive, die Pierce auf Österreich Wien erfährt.Von Steves Perspektive, die Pierce auf Österreich Wien erfährt.

Yea, it has been an amazing experience so Far. Being able to walk around in another country much different than America. Also walking through and visiting many other surrounding countries that are much more different than America, and Austria.

The snow boarding has been amazing, and I recommend this journey to anyone who has a desire to learn from a new perspective... Different than the standard American views of issues, and life.

The journeys that have been set out by the teachers have offered many things. Great experiences, times for students and teachers to bond, Much learning, frustration, problem solving, the entire works. Everything that comes with great knowledge.

The expeditions which the students are allowed to create and explore on their own, are also priceless experiences. Being able to go out and meet people who have seen much of the world. Being able to relate and understand that everywhere you go people are still people, and there is a lot to learn.
Many students have learned that a great time is not just going out for a beer, but learning as much as they can over one beer.


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