Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Salzburg, Innsbruck, Venice, Munich

This past week I was able to visit Salzburg, Innsbruck, Venice and Munich. After arriving at Salzburg I was speechless at the view of the beautiful mountains. We did an awesome walking tour and were able to visit a fortress at night and view the city from up there. We went on a tour of The Sound of Music, which was fun to see where everything was filmed, with a very funny tour guide. We also got to go to a really awesome salt mine in Salzburg and actually eat salt just chiseled from the mine. The suits and slides were a lot of fun.

Innsbruck was fun because we were able to meet up with other Franklin Pierce students and go out on St. Patrick's Day. We also went up a tower with a ton of steps to see a great view of The Alps and an area where they had the Olympics one year. I was also able to get a drawing of Britney Spears on the street for 5 euro!

There was a day trip offered to go to Venice, Italy along with the other FPU students which was amazing. This was such a great day. We took a bus there and then had to take a taxi boat to the land. It was awesome to think that this place had all streets covered in water. Gondolas were everywhere and all the buildings were beautiful! When we first arrived we went to a glass blowing place, which was really cool. Brooke, Alison, Chelsea, and I went shopping all day and found some cool masks and t-shirts. Chelsea and I fed the pigeons and ate some great gelato. We all went on a gondola ride and had an awesome tour guide. She was probably Alison's favorite part of the Venice trip. I love Italy and the food is amazing!

Then it was off to Munich, which was also a blast. My favorite part there was going to the Hofbrau Haus. We were able to experience real German culture and customs, by eating their food and viewing their drinking habits. We also visited a really cool museum filled with modern art, which was interesting to look at.

Even though the traveling from hostel to hostel was tiring, this past week's trip was worth it! Being able to see four different places and do so many activites was great!

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